Heslop-Harrison Lab Protocols


Dr. Pat Heslop-Harrison
Genomics, Molecular Cytogenetics, Chromosomes, Cell Biology and Genome Organization
Department of Biology, University of Leicester, UK




Heslop-Harrison Lab Protocols

Practical in situ Hybridization is aimed at researchers who wish to use efficient and reliable protocols in their work and those who need to check the validity and interpretation of published data. This book presents a reliable, tried-and-tested approach to the methodologies in current use in many laboratories. This online edition is presented in "Standard format" and "Printer-friendly format".

Molecular Methods (Laboratory Protocols)

Additional protocols in molecular cytogenetics

This section of the website gives additional protocols, frequently asked questions not included in the book, and additional information or updates.

Spreadsheets (downloads in Excel format): Calculation of Stringency
Calculation of dinucleotide frequencies and comparison with random expectation spreadsheet