Moens Lab Protocols


Dr. Moens, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center




Moens Lab Protocols


Zebrafish Protocols

  • RNA in situ protocol PDF

  • Mailing live embryos PDF

  • Whole Mount Antibody Staining HTML

  • Zebrafish Sperm Cryopreservation PDF

  • DNA Injection Protocol PDF

  • Bleaching embryos HTML

  • Aaron´s ET BAC Recombination PDF

  • Totally Anal RNA in situ Probe Synthesis HTML

  • Determining ENU Concentration HTML

  • RMO44 Antibody Staining HTML | PDF

  • HRP detection with DAP HTML | PDF

  • val genotyping with dCAPS HTML | PDF

  • lzr genotyping with dCAPS HTML | PDF

  • Lab Recipes HTML | PDF

  • Lab probes list HTML | PDF

  • Antibody staining protocol PDF

  • Instructions for making bridged coverslips PDF