Segall Lab Protocols


Anca M. Segall

Professor of Biology

University of Utah, Center for Microbial Sciences




Segall Lab Protocols

  • Large scale Int purification (3-100 liters) PDF

  • Small scale Int purification (0.25-3 liters) PDF

  • IHF purification protocol PDF
  • Xis purification protocol PDF
  • Western protocol PDF
  • Int recombination and bandshift buffers PDF
  • Making electrocompetent cells PDF
  • Buffers PDF
  • Microscopy PDF
  • TUNEL DNA Damage Detection Assay (updated) DOC
  • 96 Well Template (updated) XLS
  • Patching Grid (updated) PPT
  • Small scale electroporation PDF
  • Viability Experiment PDF
  • Antibiotic Information (updated) DOC
  • 6X Loading Dye for DNA DOC
  • Alkaline lysis plasmid miniprep DOC
  • B-Galactosidase assay - Microtiter plate format DOC
  • Genomic DNA preparation (CTAB method) DOC
  • Chemically-Competent Cell Recipe DOC
  • EBU plates DOC
  • Electrocompetent cells DOC
  • Protocol for removing markers flanked by FRT sites DOC
  • NCE Medium DOC
  • P1 Transduction (E. coli) DOC
  • DNase-free RNase DOC
  • Sam's Red Swap Guide DOC
  • Arbitrary PCR DOC
  • 4X SDS-PAGE Sample Loading Buffer DOC
  • Pfx50 Polymerase Formula XLS
  • Taq Formula XLS