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Title: flexiPERM slide
Post by: toprak on December 09, 2009, 04:29:26 AM
hello everyone,

I am thinking of purchasing flexiPERM slide to grow cells on compartments on microscope sides, so I can do 8 different immunofluerescence staining afterwards. I have some questions though for people who use this.

1. Does it really make hydrophobic compartments as claimed in the catalogs? Or do I need to frame the compartments with hydrophobic pen before fixation?

2. Do you use it with Superfrost slides? I never grew cells on slides, only grew them on gelatin coated coverslips, so do I need to coat the slides before seeding the cells? and if I need to coat them when should I do the coating, before or after putting the flexiPERM?

and I would be very glad if flexiperm users can share their opinion.

thanks a lot!