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Title: Beta-galactocidase antibody
Post by: mdgosnell on March 16, 2010, 03:24:21 PM
I am having major trouble finding a beta-galactocidase antibody that works on embryonic mouse tissue in paraffin. When I first did IHC, I used the beta-gal antibody from Cortex Biochem and had the antibody working beautifully with very little background. However, the company no longer exists so we then ordered from Fitzgerald (catalog #20C-CR7001RP). I have tried and tried again to get this to work using different dilutions, antigen retrieval, and amplification techniques. However, it is not working at all...there is absolutely no specific staining. It is entirely non-specific so it is pretty much useless to me. If anyone knows of other beta-galactocidase antibodies that they were able to get to work on paraffin sections of embryonic mouse tissues, I would really appreciate your help and advice. Thanks!
Title: Re: Beta-galactocidase antibody
Post by: d0re2 on December 01, 2010, 12:30:27 AM
The issue seems to be a major set-back because the he is unable to find suitable beta-galactocidase antibodies which are capable of working on embryonic mouse tissue in paraffin!! It is a pity that companies which supplied the right stuff are no more in existence and we have to go around looking for companies which make equally suitable stuff!! In tests like these we cannot compromise on the quality and we need to get the right stuff to get good results!!
Title: Re: Beta-galactocidase antibody
Post by: 1DegreeBio on December 28, 2010, 01:20:10 PM
It is for this exact reason that 1DegreeBio was born. We have created an antibody resource for life scientists who are tired of blindly purchasing antibodies and wasting time, money and resources on products that don't work.

mdgosnell: it's possible that the antibody from Cortex Biochem still exists out there, but rebranded under a different name.