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Title: Leica EG1160 Tissue embedding station problems
Post by: Tutes3 on April 11, 2012, 02:38:12 PM
My first post and I'm already asking for help.

I have an old leica EG1160 that isn't getting the job done anymore. The paraffin heating tank and the cassette bath aren't getting up to temperature. The temperature sensors seem to be working, and the heating elements seem to be working, but not at full power.

 I see that on the circuit board that fuse11 is missing. I'm assuming that this is the problem. Anyone have a circuit diagram for  the machine, or know what the specs are on that fuse?

In case you hadn't figured out, the machine is no longer under a service warranty, nor do I wish to shell out a grand for a tech to replace a fuse for me...

Thanks for anything you can offer.