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Title: Improvement of Nanopore Sequencing: The Accuracy Was Greatly Improved
Post by: GSherry on September 27, 2015, 09:02:34 PM
As a new technology of sequencing, the biggest advantage of nanopore is its low cost. Compared to other sequencing technology, such as sanger sequencing and next generation sequencing, the nanopore sequencing does not need any fluorescein for purification, and the process of DNA amplification is also unnecessary. It can save both money and time. Besides, the rapid reading speed is also one of the characteristics of nanopore sequencing. In the process of nanopore sequencing, DNA will go through the small channels which contain current. When the single nucleotide tries to get through the channel, it will try to stop the current and be read. However, the high-speed becomes a big problem here. It greatly reduces the precision and leads to some mistakes.Recently, researchers from EPFL found a way to solve this problem. They identified a viscosity gradient system can be used to control the dynamics of DNA translocation through MoS2 nanopores, which greatly improved the precision of sequencing.
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