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Title: Use of IHC autostainers for non-human tissues (mices, rats,etc)
Post by: philtrougouboff on November 16, 2016, 11:31:26 AM
Dear IHCWORLD fellows,
I would like to know if someone is using (or knows about someone using) an automated IHC stainer for IHC staining of mice or other animals' tissues for research.
If yes, what are the changes/adaptations you have to do in comparison with automated IHC in human tissues?
Thanks a lot for any answer (even negative  ;)).
Addendum 23 nov 2016:
We are in process to develop IHC for formalin-fixed parafin embedded (FFPE) Mouse/Rat tisssues with autostainers together with TMA (Tissue Microarray). Do you think that it could be interesting for research labs? It's supposed to significantly reduce time and costs (up to 50-100 cases on 1 slide) and increase standardization of IHC stains (one batch for each IHC, then same conditions for every samples on the same slide).
I would greatly appreciate if you can take few minutes to give your opinion.