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positive control for HCV


Dear all,

I'm working on experiments on Hepatitis C Virus at the moment. I use formalin fixed parraffin  embedded slide from surgical specimen. At first I tried ISH using RNAprobe from MicroProbe. I got a result which at first I thought was positive, but it was just a debris. The method itself was modification here and there from an IHC kit.
I tried several time and came up with no result.
Now we switch to use IHC. I have to work on my own protocols also for this experiment. I am a newcomer in research works, therefore I'm not really sure whether my methods is correct or not. I'm also the first person to do these methods in our lab.
I was wondering if anyone can help me, where can I get commercially available positive control slide for ISH and IHC on Hep C Virus?
I previously tried ISH kit for EB Virus and found that its positive control slide was really helpful.

million thanks,


I'm not too sure if they're are commercially available positive control slides for HCV.

Your best bet is to find a subject with a known high viral load.

BTW which epitope of the HCV is your antibody directed to?



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