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ready-to-use clinical diagnostic antibodies


Provide high quality antibody and improve diagnostic accuracy is Biomoles mission.

Why select Biomoles antibodies
   No need to screen and validate antibodies from the listed options yourselves.
   No need to worry about the poor or inconsistent results.
   No need to waste a great amount of antibodies for validation process. 
   100% US made, high quality, recommended antibodies for specific disease diagnosis ensure the most accurate diagnostic results that your lab needs.

Why Biomoles is uniquely suited to provide these antibody products
   Biomoles is experienced in selecting and characterizing disease target antibodies from our antibody library for the best detection of diseases.
   Biomoles is specialized in leading edge antibody research and clinical detection to meet your specific diagnostic requirements.
   Biomoles chief scientist has extensive experience in large scale gene expression profiling analysis at a leading US life science institute using antibody detection methodologies and yielded several significant findings in drug development and genetic diagnosis.
   Biomoles antibodies provide the highest quality results and their Ready-to-Use format does not require further preparation and wastage.
   Biomoles sophisticated IHC validation process recommend high quality antibodies with optimum results for specific targeted disease diagnosis.


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