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Hi all,

I am new in the new research field and i was wondering if someone can answer a few of my basic questions.

I am doing some cell culture work but trying to use the Von Kossa staining , Alizarin staining and Oil red stain and safranin O stain. But i've looked at everywhere and most protocols are for staining slides. But mine is cell culture how do i do that ? I know its probably quite stupid but can someone maybe point me to the right direction.

Many thanks.

Very puzzled PhD student new in the field. ???

Although most of protocols are developed on slides, I think you can apply to your culture cells with the same procedure. Make sure you fix the cells with appropriate fixative prior to staining.

Alternately you may make cell pellet and embedded with Histogel and process it for routine paraffin embedding and sectioning on slides. Then you will be able to use all protocols.

Please note the Oil Red O staining requires frozen sections.

Hope this helps

Oh thanks for the info. So i can use the protocols here then for Von kossa, alizarin, safranin O, and oil red stain - frozen.


I want to make the Alizarin S Stain. I dont know how to adjust pH of the dye. Please help. I will be using 10% ammonium hydroxide for adjusting pH.


You may adjust pH of distilled water prior to adding the dye.


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