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Hi all,

Perhaps the topic brings back long forgotten memories to some of you :-).

Question: what exactly is it supposed to do when the switch "Process mode" ("start program-drain-purge") switch is set to "purge"?

Someone on Histonet told me that it starts some kind of a cleaning cycle using xylene and ETOH to clean the retort and the tubing. A few containers should be reserved during the purge cycle to contain those cleaning fluids.

Is this correct and if so, does anyone know which containers?

If someone would happen to have a manual... :-). Thanks in advance, of course costs will be paid.

I aquired the processor allmost for free and I will use it - once it's up and running - in the first place for botanical slides.

And yes:it's some kind of a museum around here.

Thanks in advance!

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i used to work for fisher service from 77 to 95. we had a lot of histomatics in the ny nj area. when you turn the switch to purge (it is spring loaded and will return back) you energize the purge cycle. there must be a piece of tubing attached on the left side to the fitting and immersed into a bottle similar to the ones in the unit. should be a 2 liter bottle and the tube must go all the way down to the bottom. the cycle lasts about 20 minutes and then drains back. the first solution for the purge must be xylene or substitute then 100% alcohol. dont ever mix them up and put the alcohol first, you will clog the tubing. the tubing should be tygon, it is resistant to the xylene.