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Help with automatic cell counting with ImageJ


Does anybody have experience with counting cells with ImageJ? I've been trying to do automatically count cells in digital images and am having trouble.

I know that you have to convert the image to grayscale and then use the threshold before using the analyze tool to get the # of cells. My problem is that I can't get the cells outlined correctly by using the threshold tool. It seems like maybe my entire image is too close to the same color? There's not a wide variation of gray tones, I'm not sure if that matters, I don't have a lot of experience imaging.

If anybody has experience with this please let me know if you have some ideas on how to troubleshoot, thanks!

Check this video for Cell Counting using ImageJ.

Great..Thanks richard03. Definitely a help for us to learn...

Hi there,

I'm trying to download the plugin they mention in the video ITCN_1_6.jar, but cant get it due to a broken link.

Does anybody have it or another link they can send to me?



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