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Author Topic: Freezing biobank tissues for Molbio & IHC  (Read 3904 times)

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Freezing biobank tissues for Molbio & IHC
« on: November 16, 2011, 07:22:05 AM »
Hi Folks,
Sorry if this is a general question, but here goes.  We run a tissue biobank and have been storing  tissues for years at -80 mostly for 'Omics(molecular bio) & IHC etc.
Because mostly for Omics, we snap freeze in liquid nitrogen, unless a study needs something different.  However, we are redoing all procedures and are now including some new storage formats for any possible future research.  Since a large part of our work is Omics, IHC and Laser dissecion of frozen tissues/cells etc, I want to have greater standard procedures.
I am opting for Sample1-Snapfreeze(omics), Sample2-Cryopreserved(viable), Sample3-Isopentane(IHCetc).

I am really concerned about the freeze thaw problems of cycling material out of the -80 the cryostat for sectioning, then back to the -80, then back to the cryostst etc etc several times as researchers come to get material from a block.  Ive experienced a drop in morphology quality and antigenic staining (not to say anything of the RNA).

Has anyone had experince or evidence of loss of quality, or even better a suggestion on how they cope with the demands on tissue and quality.
I am about to do a real trial on cycling a sample maybe 10 times and recording quality of staining & morphology & RNA just to check.

Also any suggestions on a Freezing vial for tissues other than a NUNC tube - it must be 2D barcoded.
But some feedback would be great from  you guys doing Molecular biology and IHC would be fantastic.

Best regards.

Freezing biobank tissues for Molbio & IHC
« on: November 16, 2011, 07:22:05 AM »