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Author Topic: Need Parvalbumin Antibody Recs! HELP!! Current provider is out of stock  (Read 4456 times)

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I am hoping someone can point me in the right direction....

I have been using a pAB Anti-Parvalbumin antibody raised in rabbit for my IHC (followed with DAKO secondary and DAB processing). However, Millipore is OUT OF STOCK (and doesn't anticipate more inventory until 2016!). I still have rabbit specific DAKO secondary, so ideally I would like a rabbit-raised anti-PV antobody, though I would be willing to switch to a mouse antibody and order mouse-specific secondary.

I'm thinking I would prefer a polyclonal antobody (since I want to maximize visualization). Has anyone used either a rabbit or mouse raised anti-PV and can suggest a company/product? Most of the AB I have seen has been used for fluorescence, and I want to use HRP and DAB...

ANY help is greatly appreciated!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I need the antibody to finish my dissertation work... :)

Thanks in advance!
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We have tested four different parvalbumin antibodies in my lab and found one from Abcam that works really well for IHC (also followed by DAB).
We have rated the four antibodies on

The link is