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Author Topic: cleaved caspase 3 from CellSignal and active caspase 3 form R&D System  (Read 3495 times)

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Recently I did IHC with antibodies Caspase 3 on frozen section of fixed tissue. One antibody is CellSignal cleaved Caspase 3 antibody #9661, another is R&D System active Caspase 3nantibody AF835. The purpose of IHC is detecting apoptosis cell. Both IHC works well but the staining patterns make me confused. The distribution of stained cell on the tissue are totally different, and there is no any overlap. For example, in intestine section CellSignal cleaved Caspase 3 stained on the cells in musclaris lay and R&D active Caspase 3 stained on villi epithelium. I do not know finally which antibody I should use to identify apoptosis cell.
I appreciate anyone's suggestion.

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I have tried the one from Cell Signaling and it worked to detect apoptosis upon sciatic nerve injury. There appeared to be some batch variation.

We have reviewed it on
The link is