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Author Topic: New Drug Targets That Are Expected to Treat Malignant Cancer Discovered  (Read 5360 times)

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Recently, scientists from the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute have discovered new drug targets for two malignant cancers. It is expected to develop new therapies for the treatment of synovial sarcoma and malignant rods-shaped tumors. Related research result was published in the Nature Cell Biology.


The researchers say that these two cancers depend on a new molecular called ncBAF, which plays a key role in regulating gene activity, consisting of multiple specific protein subunits. Biologically or chemically inactivating components of ncBAF may specifically impair proliferation of synovial sarcoma and malignant rod-shaped tumor cancer cell lines. Dr. Cigall Kadoch said that this is an important research result they have achieved in the treatment of stubborn invasive cancer. In that study, they have identified a new type of cancer-specific target, which is expected to be used in the future to develop new anticancer therapies.

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