Technical Bulletin for Histotechnology




Vol. I, No. 1, July 1971 (PDF)

  • Method for Destaining Aldehyde Fuchsin.
    July 1971;I(1):1.

  • Letter of Intent.
    Luna LG, July 1971;I(1):2.

  • Zenker's Fixation and Related Problems.
    July 1971;I(1):2.

  • Restoration of Nuclear Basophilic Properties.
    July 1971;I(1):2-3.

  • Substitutes for Ethyl Alcohol in Histologic Techniques.
    July 1971;I(1):3.

  • A Modified One Hour Giemsa.
    July 1971;I(1):3.

Vol. I, No. 2, October 1971 (PDF)

  • Special Precautions for All Silver Nitrate Procedures.
    Dominic L. Europa, B.S., Principle Histo-Cytologist, Bellevue Hospital Center, New York, N.Y. 10016. October 1971;I(2):5.

  • Evaluation of Paraffins.
    Eliza B. Buddo. Washington, D.C. October 1971;I(2):5.

  • Methods for More Specific Differentiations of Melanin Pigment.
    An Editorial. October 1971;I(2):6.

  • Artifacts Produced During Tissue Fixation.
    An Editorial. Calcium Carbonate Crystals. October 1971;I(2):6.

  • Hematoxylin and Eosin Staining Problems and Solutions.
    An Editorial. October 1971;I(2):7.

  • Can You Help?
    October 1971;I(2):8.