Technical Bulletin for Histotechnology




Vol. III, No. 1, January 1973 (PDF)


  • Further Information on Eosin Preparation.
    M. Pirogow, Veterans Administration Hospital, Syracuse, New York 13210. January 1973;III(1):25.

  • Let's Get Our Facts Straight.
    An Editorial. January 1973;III(1):25.

  • Additional Information on Histochemical Calcium Techniques.
    P. L. Anderson, Bethesda, Maryland 20014. January 1973;III(1):25.

  • Methods for Obtaining Fungus, Bacteria and Acid-Fast Controls.
    Charles R. Robinson, M.D., Melrose-Wakefield Hospital Association, Melrose, Massachusetts 02176. January 1973;III(1):26.

  • Staining Fresh, Unfixed, Unembedded and Undercalcified Bone Sections.
    A.R. Villanueva, B.S., HT (ASCP), Technical Director, Orthopaedic Research Division, Henry Ford Hospital, Detroit, Michigan 48202. January 1973;III(1):26.

  • Combined Silver Methenamine — One-Step Trichrome Procedure.
    Jules Elias, M.A., Basic Health Sciences Center, Stony Brook, New York 11790. January 1973;III(1):27.

  • Method of Eliminating Wrinkles from Paraffin Sections.
    Marlene E. Bryant, Supervisor of Pathology Laboratory, Saint Barnabas Medical Center, Livingston, New Jersey 07876. January 1973;III(1):27.

Vol. III, No. 2, April 1973 (PDF)


  • Automatic Staining Versus Hand Staining.
    Sandra L. Green, Animal Care Facility, Stanford Medical Center, Stanford, California 94305. April 1973;III(2):29-30.

  • Differential Staining Methods for Cells in the Central Nervous System.
    C.E. Potter, HT (ASCP), L.W. Chang, Ph.D., A.W. Dudley, Jr., M.D., Department of Pathology, University of Wisconsin, The Medical School, Madison, Wisconsin 53706. April 1973;III(2):30-31.

  • Improved Mucin Staining.
    An Editorial. April 1973;III(2):31.

  • Time-Saving Idea for Special Stains.
    Florence Edwards, Lakeland General Hospital, Lakeland, Florida. April 1973;III(2):31.

  • Urea Polymers.
    An Editorial. April 1973;III(2):31.

  • Effects of Unbuffered Formalin on Staining Reactions.
    An Editorial. April 1973;III(2):31.

Vol. III, No. 3, July 1973 (PDF)


  • An Evaluation of the Problems in Lymph Node Preparation.
    Elaine S. Boyd, HT (ASCP), Los Robles Hospital, Thousand Oaks, California 91360.
    July 1973;III(3):33-34.

  • Procedures: Modified Gomori's Aldehyde-Fuchsin Stain for Beta Cells.
    July 1973;III(3):34.

  • Modified Gomori's Chrome Alum-Hematoxylin-Phloxine Stain for Alpha2 Cells.
    July 1973;III(3):35.

  • Multiple Staining Procedures for the Islands of Langerhans.
    Ellen S. Slaughter, HT (ASCP), Robert E. Brown, M.D., Washington, D.C. 20306. July 1973;III(3):34-36.

  • Color Coding Rush Specimens.
    Donald L. Meyers, Chief Histotechnologist, Johns Hopkins Hospital, Baltimore, Maryland 21205. July 1973;III(3):37.

  • Let's Get Our Facts Straight.
    An Editorial. July 1973;III(3):37.

  • Freezing Artifact.
    An Editorial. July 1973;III(3):37.

Vol. III, No. 4, October 1973 (PDF)


  • Ziegler's Hematoxylin and Eosin Stain.
    E.E. Ziegler, M.D., 3565 S. Leisure World Boulevard, Silver Spring, Maryland 20906. October 1973;III(4):39-40.

  • Marking Tissue with Mercurochrome.
    Donald L. Meyers, Johns Hopkins Hospital, Baltimore, MD 21205. October 1973;III(4):40.

  • Finger Cots for Protection in the Histology Laboratory.
    Jacob Lundy, Biomedicine Branch, Biomedical Laboratory, Edgewood Arsenal, Maryland 21010. October 1973;III(4):40.

  • Multiple Helpful Hints.
    Gerre G. Wells, HT (ASCP), Histotechnology Education Coordinator, Department of Pathology, The University of Tennessee, College of Medicine, Memphis, Tennessee 38103. October 1973;III(4):41.

  • Let's Get Our Facts Straight.
    An Editorial. October 1973;III(4):41.

  • Simplifying Special Stains.
    Donald L. Meyers, Chief Histotechnologist, Johns Hopkins Hospital, Baltimore, Maryland 21205. October 1973;III(4):41.