Technical Bulletin for Histotechnology



Vol. IV, No. 1, January 1974 (PDF)


  • National Society for Histotechnology.
    January 1974;IV(1):43.

  • Demonstration of Lipids in Paraffin-Embedded Tissue Sections.
    Louis W. Chang, Ph.D., Joseph J. Lalich, M.D., Alden W. Dudley, Jr., M.D., Department of Pathology, University of Wisconsin, Madison, Wisconsin 53706. January 1974;IV(1):43-44.

  • Hints for Pap Smears and Cell Block Preparations.
    Ann F. Racow, HT (ASCP), Histology Department, Beverly Hospital, Beverly, Massachusetts 01915. January 1974;IV(1):44.

  • Rapid Procedure for Rehydration of Desiccated Tissue.
    Patsy S. Willard, HT (ASCP), Appalachian Laboratory for Occupational Respiratory Diseases, National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, Morgantown, West Virginia 26505. January 1974;IV(1):44.

  • Problems in Stain Technology.
    An Editorial. January 1974;IV(1):45.

  • Comments Regarding Articles Published in January, 1973 Issue of Histo-Logic.
    Gloria B. Pridgen, HT (ASCP), University of Alabama, University Station, Birmingham, Alabama 35294. January 1974;IV(1):45.

Vol. IV, No. 2, April 1974 (PDF)


  • A Silver Technique for the Study of Cellular Injuries.
    Louis W. Chang, Ph.D., Alden W. Dudley, Jr., M.D., Cynthia E. Potter, HT (ASCP), University of Wisconsin Medical School, Madison, Wisconsin 53706. April 1974;IV(2):47-48.

  • Can You Help?.
    April 1974;IV(2):49.

  • Celestine Blue B Method: A Substitute for the Routine H&E Procedure.
    An Editorial. April 1974;IV(2):49.

Vol. IV, No. 3, July 1974 (PDF)


  • The Vacuum Infiltrator in Routine Fixation: A Preliminary Report.
    Therese R. Ansman, M.S., Chief Histologic Technician, Hillcrest Medical Center, Tulsa, Oklahoma 74104. July 1974;IV(3):51-52.

  • Improved Technique in Cell Block Preparation.
    Bonny A. Solie, Holy Cross Hospital, Salt Lake City, Utah 84102. July 1974;IV(3):52.

  • Gaines' Iron Reaction.
    William K. Gaines, HT (ASCP), Veterans Administration Hospital, Topeka, Kansas 66622. July 1974;IV(3):52-53.

  • Improving the Method for the Demonstration of Adenosine Triphosphatase.
    John P. Koski, HT (ASCP), University of Michigan Medical Center, Ann Arbor, Michigan 48104. July 1974;IV(3):53.

  • Eliminating Cytoplasmic Staining in Sections Stained with Weigert's Iron Hematoxylin.
    Charles J. Churukian, University of Rochester, School of Medicine, Rochester, New York 14642. July 1974;IV(3):53.

Vol. IV, No. 4, October 1974 (PDF)


  • A Rapid Cold Method for the Preparation of Bullard's and Harris' Hematoxylin.
    Dominic L. Europa, B.S., Bellevue Hospital Center, New York, N.Y. 10016. October 1974;IV(4):55.

  • Modified Alizarin Red-S Staining Method for Fetal Bones.
    Livia M. Molnar, University of Washington, Seattle, Washington 98195. October 1974;IV(4):55.

  • Alarm System for Tissue Processors.
    Donald L. Meyers, Johns Hopkins Hospital, Baltimore, Maryland 21205. October 1974;IV(4):56-57.

  • Special Stains Under Non-Special Conditions.
    Therese R. Ansman, Hillcrest Medical Center, Tulsa, Oklahoma 74104. October 1974;IV(4):57.

  • Getting the Most Out of Special Stain Solutions in the Small and Moderate-Sized Histopathology Laboratory.
    James V. Robinson, B.S., Mercy Center for Health Care Services, Aurora, Illinois 60506. October 1974;IV(4):57.

  • Identification of Vasectomies During Processing.
    Donald L. Meyers, Johns Hopkins Hospital, Baltimore, Maryland 21205. October 1974;IV(4):57.