Technical Bulletin for Histotechnology



Vol. XIII, No. 1, January 1983 (PDF)


  • Miles Scientific: A New Division.
    January 1983;XIII(1):187.

  • Inquiry Responses.
    James E. Rathke, Pathologist Assistant, Neurohistology, St. Anthony Hospital, Rockford, IL 61101. January 1983;XIII(1):188-189.

  • A Modified Mayer’s Mucicarmine Procedure.
    Mequita Praet, Susie Parker Stringfellow Memorial Hospital, Anniston, Alabama 36203. January 1983;XIII(1):189.

Vol. XIII, No. 2, April 1983 (PDF)


  • Inquiry Responses Continued from Jan. 1983 Issue.
    Dave Williams, Clinical Pathology, Dow Chemical Company, Midland, Michigan 48640. April 1983;XIII(2):191.

  • Collagen Nonstaining Using Glycol Methacrylate.
    John Koski, Robert Munger, Mary Lou Gregory, Department of Surgical Pathology, University Laboratory Medicine at Hahnemann Medical College & Hospital, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19102. April 1983;XIII(2):192.

  • Murphy’s Laws of Histotechnology.
    Joan Gibson, Christine Jacobs, Fort Myers Community Hospital, Fort Myers, Florida 33901. April 1983;XIII(2):192.

  • An Aid to Cleaning Paraffin.
    Donald Axley, Kaiser Hospital, Sacramento, CA 95825. April 1983;XIII(2):192.

  • Secondary Fixation Enhances Nuclear Detail.
    Heidi Weddington, Richmond Memorial Hospital, Rockingham, North Carolina 28379. April 1983;XIII(2):198.

  • Immunohistochemicals.
    April 1983;XIII(2):199-201.

  • Disposable Blades Vs. Conventional Microtome Knives: Disposables Have “The Edge.”
    Sandra Berntheizel, HTL (ASCP), Erie County Medical Center, Buffalo, New York 14215. April 1983;XIII(2):201.

Vol. XIII, No. 3, November 1983 (PDF)


  • Tissue-Tek® at 25...Meeting the Needs of Histologists Worldwide.
    November 1983;XIII(3):203-204.

  • Incompatible Chemicals — An Issue to Consider.
    Stephen Asiedu, Stuart Pharmaceuticals, Wilmington, Delaware 19897. November 1983;XIII(3):205-207.

  • Removing Mercuric Chloride Precipitate from Tissue.
    Marjorie Parker, St. Agnes Hospital, Baltimore, Maryland 21229. November 1983;XIII(3):207.

  • A Spinal Fluid Stain for Cryptococcal Meningitis.
    Annamae O’Neal, HT (ASCP), West Virginia University Medical Center, Morgantown, West Virginia 26506. November 1983;XIII(3):207.

  • Localization of Prostatic Acid Phosphatase by Immunoperoxidase Staining.
    Peter Mooney, St. Stephens Hospital, Chelsea, U.K. November 1983;XIII(3):208.

  • A Method for Making Gram Controls in Tissue.
    Ms. Masaye Tanaka, R.T. (CSLT), B.Sc., B.A., Colin Henderson, B.Sc., R.T. (CSLT), Foothills General Provincial Hospital, Calgary, Alberta, Canada. November 1983;XIII(3):209.

Vol. XIII, No. 4, October 1983 (PDF)


  • Technical Aspects of Immunocytochemistry and its Application in Routine Histopathology.
    Alison Fields, FIMLS, Department of Histopathology, Royal Free Hospital, Hampstead, London. October 1983;XIII(4):211-213.

  • Observations on the Demonstration of Amyloid When Using Different Methods.
    Rob Bosma, Central Lab for National Health in Friesland, Jelsumerstraat 6, 8917 EN LEEUWARDEN, The Netherlands. October 1983;XIII(4):214-215.

  • Tissue Adhesive for Immunoperoxidase.
    Eileen M. Connelly, HT (ASCP), AA, Geofreey Rowden, PhD, Stritch School of Medicine, Loyola University Medical Center, Maywood, Illinois 60153. October 1983;XIII(4):215.

  • The Phenol Crystal Violet Stain for Differential Staining of Gram Positive and Negative Bacteria.
    Kerry Beebe, ART, Kelowna General Hospital, Kelowna, B.C., Canada V1Y 1T2. October 1983;XIII(4):216.