Technical Bulletin for Histotechnology




Vol. XX, No. 2, March/April 1990 (PDF)


  • An Economic Reticulum Stain.
    Osvaldo Jose Vilar, Naval Hospital Buenos Aires, 1405 Republica Argentina. Mar/Apr 1990;XX(2):153.

  • Microwave Modification of Luna’s Method for Melanin.
    Charles J. Churukian, B.A., HT, HTL (ASCP), Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, University of Rochester Medical Center, Rochester, NY 14642. Mar/Apr 1990;XX(2):154-156.

  • Questions in Search of an Answer.
    Mar/Apr 1990;XX(2):160-161.

  • Questions in Search of an Answer.
    Mar/Apr 1990;XX(2):160-161.

  • Management Corner: Employee Performance Reviews.
    Brent Riley, Managing Editor. Mar/Apr 1990;XX(2):161-163.

  • Ammoniacal Silver Method for Fungi in Undecalcified Bone Marrow Sections.
    Charles J. Churukian, B.A., HT, HTL (ASCP), University of Rochester Medical Center, Rochester, NY 14642. Mar/Apr 1990;XX(2):163-164.

  • The Use of Hematoxylin in the Microwave Oven.
    Cheryl L. Crowder, HTL (ASCP), Department of Pathology, School of Veterinary Medicine, Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge, LA 70803. Mar/Apr 1990;XX(2):164-165.

  • Cleaning Plasticware “Ruined” by Metallic Microwave Staining.
    Frank Razzaboni, Charles River Laboratory, 251 Ballardvale St., Wilmington, MA 01887. Mar/Apr 1990;XX(2):168.

  • Method for Reducing Biopsy Sponge Artifacts in Biopsies and Soft Tissue.
    Daniel B. Kelley, College of Medicine — University Hospital, The Milton S. Hershey Medical Center. Mar/Apr 1990;XX(2):168.

Vol. XX, No. 3, June/July 1990 (PDF)


  • Histologic Techniques for Analysis of Bone Implants (A Historic and Artistic Perspective).
    Cathy A. Sanderson, HT (ASCP), Veterans Administration Medical Center, Salt Lake City, UT 84148. John P. Mantas, MD, University of Utah School of Medicine, Salt Lake City, UT 84132. June/July 1990;XX(3):169-174.

  • Modified Kluver-Barrera Method for Myelin and Nerve Cells.
    Diane L. Sterchi, University of Illinois, College of Veterinary Medicine, Urbana, IL 61801. June/July 1990;XX(3):177-178.

  • Carcinoma.
    Loretta C. Sohn, MS, HTL, Stanley H. Shapiro, MS, Queens Hospital Center, Affiliation of Long Island Jewish Medical Center, Jamaica, NY 11432. June/July 1990;XX(3):178-179.

Vol. XX, No. 4, Sept/Oct 1990 (PDF)


  • The Demonstration and Quantitation of Neuroendocrine Cells of the Rat Stomach.
    Charles Dormer, SmithKline Beecham Pharmaceutical Research and Development, Department of Experimental Pathology, King of Prussia, Pennsylvania. Sept/Oct 1990;XX(4):185-186.

  • Implementing a Special Stain Program.
    Paul Reyes, Washington Adventist Hospital, Takoma, Park, MD 20912. Sept/Oct 1990;XX(4):187-188.

  • A Rapid Method for Fungi and Pneumocystis carinii.
    Peter J. Walkeden, Senior Scientist, Department of Anatomical Pathology, Ballarat Base Hospital, Ballarat, Victoria, Australia. Sept/Oct 1990;XX(4):188-192.

  • A Modified Bielshowsky for Neurofibrillary Tangles and Senile Plaques.
    Annamae O’Neal, Neuropathology Laboratory, West Virginia University, Morgantown, WV 26506. Sept/Oct 1990;XX(4):199.

  • Microwave Modification of Bielschowsky’s Method for Nerve Fibers.
    Charles Churukian, HTL (ASCP), University of Rochester Medical Center, Rochester, NY 14642. Sept/Oct 1990;XX(4):201-203.