Technical Bulletin for Histotechnology




Vol. XXIV, No. 2, April 1994 (PDF)


  • Pathology Research in the Nation’s Capital.
    Michael Titford, HT/HTL (ASCP), Assistant Chief Technologist, Pathology Department, University of South Alabama, Mobile, AL 36617. April 1994;XXIV(2):69-72.

  • Minimizing Laboratory Waste.
    Joanna Brady, HTL (ASCP), Colmery O’Neal VAMC, Topeka, KS. April 1994;XXIV(2):74.

  • Differential DNA-RNA Staining of Formalin-Fixed Paraffin Tissue: A Modified Luna-Parker Giemsa Stain.
    William F. Barlow, HT (ASCP), Riverside Hospital, Wilmington, DE 19802. April 1994;XXIV(2):74-75.

  • Tyler’s Modification of Glycogen Digestion: A Faster, Simpler, and More Reliable Way to Digest Glycogen.
    Aaron R. Tyler, HM1, US Navy, Histology Supervisor, Naval Hospital, Subbase, New London, Groton, CT 07349. April 1994;XXIV(2):76-77.

  • Answers to “Questions in Search of an Answer.”
    April 1994;XXIV(2):77.

  • Questions in Search of an Answer.
    April 1994;XXIV(2):77.

  • Procedures Old and New — What Goes Around Comes Around.
    Terri C. Staples, Scientific Editor. April 1994;XXIV(2):79.

  • Histoids--Helpful Hints for Histology Hackers.
    April 1994;XXIV(2):79-80.

  • Magelay Rojas Helps Advance the State of Histotechnology in Egypt.
    April 1994;XXIV(2):84-85.