Technical Bulletin for Histotechnology




Vol. XXVI, No. 1, March 1996 (PDF)


  • Adhesiveless Histologic Staining Techniques.
    Reynaldo T. Ruedas, AB, RMT, RT, HT, Riyadh National Hospital, Histology and Cytology Laboratory. March 1996;XXVI(1):1.

  • Alcian Blue-H&E-Saffron Stain for Gastrointestinal Biopsies.
    Terri C. Staples, HT (ASCP), HTL, Baptist Health System, Birmingham, AL. March 1996;XXVI(1):2-3.

  • A New Use for Mineral Oil.
    The Histotechnologists at Ottawa Civic Hospital, Ottawa, Ontario. March 1996;XXVI(1):4.

  • Chemical Dropouts...and the Solution.
    Nancy Klemme, HT (ASCP), Customer/Product Support, Department Manager, Sakura Finetek U.S.A., Inc. March 1996;XXVI(1):5.

Vol. XXVI, No. 2, September 1996 (PDF)


  • Microwave Periodic Acid-Methenamine (Jones): Silver Staining of Renal Glomerular
    Basement Membranes in Paraffin- and Glycol Methacrylate-Embedded Tissues.
    Stanley H. Shapiro, Department of Histotechnology, Nassau County Medical Center, East Meadow, NY 11554. September 1996;XXVI(2):13.

  • Zinc Chloride: A New Additive for Improved H&E Stains.
    Joyce Moore, HTL (ASCP), Jefferson Regional Medical Center, Department of Pathology, Pine Bluff, AR 71603. September 1996;XXVI(2):15-16.

  • Rehydration of Biopsy Specimens to Facilitate Sectioning.
    Terri C. Staples, HT (ASCP), HTL, Baptist Health System, Birmingham, AL. September 1996;XXVI(2):17.

  • Questions in Search of an Answer.
    September 1996;XXVI(2):20.

  • Letter to the Editor.
    Sheryl Shears, NMT (N), RSO, Maureen Rose, WT, ART, Markham Stouffville Hospital, Markham, Ontario, Canada. September 1996;XXVI(2):22.

  • Recommendation for Kristensen's Decal Solution.
    Marie Doman, HT (ASCP), Department of Oral Biology, University of Washington, Seattle, Washington 98195. April 1976;VI(2):79.