Technical Bulletin for Histotechnology



Vol. XXXV, No. 1, May 2002 (PDF)


  • Microwave Technology in the Histology Laboratory.
    Donna Willis, Harris Methodist Hospital, Forth Worth, TX, Jan Minshew, Histology Consulting Services, Inc. May 2002;XXXV(1):1.

  • Comparison of Seven Antibody Dilution Buffers for Immunohistochemistry.
    Rosalba Tamayo, HT(ASCP), Karen Petrosyan, MD, Impath Inc., Los Angeles, CA. May 2002;XXXV(1):5.

  • Microwave-Enhanced Fixation for Rapid Preparation of Tissue Sections for Microscopic Evaluation.
    C. L. Schray, BA, HT(ASCP), A. L. Metz, DVM, PhD, ACVP, A. W. Gough, DVM, MSc, ACVP, Drug Safety Evaluation, Pfizer Global Research & Development, Ann Arbor, MI. May 2002;XXXV(1):7.

  • Prolonged Storage of Antibody Stock Solutions for Immunohistochemistry: A Three-Year Study.
    Marilyn E. Beissenherz, HT(ASCP), J.A. Ramos-Vara, DVM, PhD, ECVP, Veterinary Medical Diagnostic Laboratory, University of Missouri-Columbia. May 2002;XXXV(1):12.

  • Staining Artifact Associated With Bouin's Substitute for Masson Trichrome Staining on Formalin-Fixed Liver Biopsies.
    Nancy Miezin, BA, HT(ASCP), Terry Gramlich, MD, Dept. of Anatomic Pathology, Cleveland Clinic Foundation, Cleveland, OH. May 2002;XXXV(1):14.

  • Living With Formaldehyde in Today's Healthcare Workplace.
    Ted R. Bryan, BS, Consultant, Environmental Technologies. May 2002;XXXV(1):15.

  • Helicobacter pylori Stain Using Diff-Quik Solution as a Counterstain.
    Kevin Ernst, St. Vincent's Medical Center, Jacksonville, FL. May 2002;XXXV(1):18.

  • Use of Commercially Clarified Methyl Green in the Methyl Green-Pyronin Stain.
    Joyce C. Hrad, HTL, Dept. of Pathology & Laboratory Medicine, Mayo Medical Center, Rochester, MN. May 2002;XXXV(1):19.

  • Making a List...Checking it Twice.
    Wanda G. Smith, BHS, HT(ASCP), Medical University of South Carolina. May 2002;XXXV(1):21.

  • NSH to Offer New Programs in the Coming Year.
    Vinnie Della Speranza, Scientific Editor. May 2002;XXXV(1):22.

Vol. XXXV, No. 2, December 2002 (PDF)


  • Techniques for the Detection of Cytomegalovirus.
    Bilques Bhatti, BS, HTL, QIHC, Gwendolyn Lusk, BS, HT, Histopathology Laboratory, The Methodist Hospital, Houston, TX. December 2002;XXXV(2):25.

  • Muscle Biopsy Basics.
    Jean Mitchell, BS, HT (ASCP), University of Wisconsin Hospital and Clinics, Department of Neurology, Neuromuscular Laboratory, Madison, WI. December 2002; XXXV(2):27.

  • Concepts in the Routine Preparation of Eye Specimens.
    Mary Georger, BS, University of Rochester, Center for Cardiovascular Research. December 2002; XXXV(2): 34.

  • Does Formaldehyde Kill Mycobacterium tuberculosis?
    Vinnie Della Speranza, MS, HTL(ASCP) HT, MT, Mary Richardson, MD, Pathology Department, Medical University of South Carolina, Charleston, SC. December 2002;XXXV(2):37.

  • A Revolution in the Making at the NSH Convention.
    Gilles Lefebvre, Managing Editor. December 2002;XXXV(2):38.

  • Comparative Usefulness of Standard and Microwave-assisted Tissue Processing Methods.
    Azorides R. Morales, MD, Department of Pathology, University of Miami/Jackson Memorial Medical Center, Miami, FL. December 2002;XXXV(2):40.

  • Mark Your Calendar! Educational Opportunities in 2003.
    December 2002; XXXV(2):47.