Technical Bulletin for Histotechnology




Vol. XL, No. 1, May 2007 (PDF)


  • Toluidine Blue Staining Is Superior to H&E Staining for the Identification of Ganglion Cells in Frozen Rectal Biopsies.

  • Histology as Art: Problems and Opportunities in Creating Giant Photomicrographs.

  • Microwave-Assisted Tissue Processing for Transmission Electron Microscopy.

  • Safety First.

  • Mark your calendar!

Vol. XL, No. 2, December 2007 (PDF)
  • Nile Red Staining as a Sentinel Screen for Phospholipids.

  • Tissue Microarray Controls to Demonstrate Connective Tissue Components.

  • Technical Methodology in the Processing of Melanocytic Lesions in the Mohs Laboratory.

  • High Temperature Water Bath Antigen Retrieval.

  • New Fixation Requirements for Breast Tissue Samples Will Alter Fixation Practices in Surgical Pathology Laboratories in 2008.