CD54 Antibody Staining Protocol for Immunohistochemistry


Description: CD54 also knows as ICAM-1. Intercellular adhesion molecule-1 (ICAM1) is a ligand for lymphocyte function-associated (LFA) antigens. Intercellular adhesion molecule-1 (ICAM-1) is an integral membrane protein, a member of the immunoglobulin superfamily, and a ligand for LFA-1, a beta 2 leukocyte integrin. ICAM1 protein is the major human rhinovirus receptor. ICAM1 gene is mapped to human chromosome 19. In humans, lymphocyte adhesion to cells is mediated by the protein heterodimer CD11a/CD18 (Leu-CAMa, LFA-1) and its ligand CD54 (ICAM-1).


Primary Antibody

Name: CD54 IHC Antibody

Clone: Rabbit polyclonal

Supplier: IHC World

Catalog Number: IW-PA1110

Dilution: Ready to Use

Incubation Time/Temp: 60 min/room temperature

Antigen Retrieval
Device: Incubator
Buffer/pH value: IHC-TekTM Proteinase K Solution (Cat# IW-1101)
Heat/Cool Temperature: 37 ºC/room temperature
Heat/Cool Time: 20 minutes/20 minutes

Detection Methods
Standard Method: ABC Method or LSAB Method
Enhanced Method: Polymeric Methods

Chromogen Substrate
Reagent: DAB
Incubation Time/Temperature: 1-3 minutes/room temperature

Reagent: Mayer's Hematoxylin
Staining Time: 30 seconds

Staining Pattern: Cytoplasmic
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Additional Information:
Species Reactivity: Human
Fixation: Formalin fixed paraffin sections
Positive Control: Human mammary cancer, human tonsil.
Negative Control: Omit primary antibody, isotype control, absorption control
Blocking: 2-5% normal serum to reduce unspecific background staining; 0.5-3% H2O2 to block endogenous peroxidase activity; avidin/biotin to block endogenous biotin activity if necessary