Aqueous Mounting Medium Protocols




Aqueous Mounting Medium (glycerol gelatin)


  Kisser’s Kaiser's Glycerol jelly Modified
Gelatine 10 g 40 g 65 g 5 g
Distilled water 35 ml 210 ml 300 ml 50 ml
Glycerol (glycerin) 30 ml 250 ml 100 ml 50 ml
Phenol (carbolic acid)   5 ml 5 ml  



Mix gelatin and distilled water. Heat in 50 C oven until gelatin is dissolved (it takes about 30 minutes). Add glycerin and adjust pH to 7.0 using 1N NaOH (to avoid fading of hematoxylin). Store at room temperature.


Warm to 37-40 C before mounting. Note: Modified protocol works well.


See also Making and Using Aqueous Mounting Media