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IHC World, the premier information resource about immunology, histology, histopathology, image analysis, apoptosis, antibody, tissue microarray, has become one of the most popular life science information network in the world.

The information is comprehensive, informative, and up-to-date. By searching this site, you can find antibodies, histology and IHC products and services, protocols, methods and techniques, books, as well as other innovative life science technologies.

IHC Store allows you to directly purchase thousands of high quality IHC antibodies, histology and immunohistochemistry products and supplies online.

Product Page lists innovative life science products including but not limited to histology,  immunohistochemistry and tissue microarray products and reagents, which can be purchased directly from IHC World.

Service Page IHC World is now offering broad range of histology, IHC and TEM services including custom histology, neurohistology, bone histology, eye histology, plant histology, histopathology, TMA construction, hands-on training, professional and technical support.

Protocol Database is compiled based on published literatures, laboratory submissions, as well as individual experimental data.

Forum is a great resource for researchers to ask and answer questions, to share information, protocols, tips about antibodies, immunology, neuroscience, histology, histopathology, immunohistochemistry, image analysis and related topics. 

Gallery gives you direct access to pictures and images about staining patterns of various methods and techniques. You can also upload your own images of result to share and discuss with other members.

IHC World Blog is the place for us to display new products and services we offer. You are welcome to comment and provide any feedback on any of our products and services.