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This Epitope Retrieval Set utilizes steaming method to achieve antigen unmasking on formalin fixed paraffin embedded tissue sections. This set comes with IHC-TekTM Epitope Retrieval Solution which is newly formulated solution and can be used universally for retrieving antigens and epitopes of all types, including membrane proteins, cytoplasmic proteins as well as nuclear proteins. All images below are results from this Epitope Retrieval Steamer Set.


             Cytoplasmic protein                Membrane protien               Cytoplasmic protein                 Nuclear protein

         Cytokeratin10 human skin            CD3 human tonsil            GIP receptor ms pancreas                Ki67 tumor


The set comes with:

  • One B&D Handy Steamer.

  • Six plastic Coplin Jars with 10 slides capacity each and 60 slides total capacity.

  • One bottle of 500 ml IHC-TekTM Epitope Retrieval Solution.

  • One user manual.


  • Easy to use!

  • Consistent and reproducible results.

  • Retrieval antigens of all types including membrane, cytoplasmic, nuclear proteins.

  • Complete walk away device with total steaming time up to 75 minute. Simply set timer and walk way, signal bell alerts you when slides are ready.

  • Water level indicator makes it a breeze to add additional water when needed through the external water fill inlet while unit is running.

  • Steaming temperature between 95 ºC - 98 ºC which is optimal for most of antigens.

  • Low cost comparing with similar devices.

Catalog No. IW-1102

Size: One set

Price: $525


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How to Use
  1. Fill the Water Reservoir with cold tap water to the “Max” marking line. Do not overfill (Figure 1).



                               Figure 1

  1. Put the Steaming Bowl onto the base.

  1. Fill Coplin jar with IHC-TekTM Epitope Retrieval Solution to half full (Figure 2)



                             Figure 2 

  1. Immerse deparaffinized slides (back to back so one jar can fit 10 slides total) in the Coplin jar (Figure 3). It is not necessary to cover Coplin jar with lid.



                              Figure 3

  1. Place the Coplin jar in the Steaming Bowl and cover it so that the Cover handles line up over the Bowl handles and the tabs fit into the openings (Figure 4).



                             Figure 4

  1. Plug in and set the Timer for 40 minutes (Figure 5) that is sufficient for retrieving most antigens (some antigens need longer steaming time so optimal steaming time should be determined by user).



                              Figure 5

  1. When time is up, a bell will ring, the cooking Light will go out, and the unit will automatically shut off.

  1. CAUTION: The Steamer is HOT. Be sure to use potholders to lift the Cover away from your face and body in order to avoid hot steam. Then remove Coplin Jar to room temperature and allow slides to cool for 20 minutes (Figure 6).



                              Figure 6

  1. Unplug steamer. Wait for it to be completely cooled before cleaning (See cleaning guide).

  1. Proceed with standard immunohistochemistry procedure.



How to Order

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