KEDEE Histopathology Instruments


KEDEE Histopathology instruments are widely used in the hospital at all levels, medical and life science division, agricultural and forestry institute, epidemic prevention center, veterinary center, public security and legal medical experts office, scientific research institute and laboratory etc.



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Accessories & Consumables


Specimen Clamp/Specimen Holder
Price: $680 each

KD-18 Silver 
KD-19 Silver  
Microtome Blade Holder              
Price: $680 each

KD-16A for Low Profile Blades

KD-16B for Low Profile Blades

16C Low & High Profile Blades
Microtome Blade Holder
Price: $980 each

KD-E3 Blade Holder

KD-E2 Blade Holder

KD-N1 Blade Holder


How to Order


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