KEDEE Histopathology Instruments


KEDEE Histopathology instruments are widely used in the hospital at all levels, medical and life science division, agricultural and forestry institute, epidemic prevention center, veterinary center, public security and legal medical experts office, scientific research institute and laboratory etc.



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Slide Stainer


KD-RS3 Automatic Slide Stainer                                                                  Price: $7,800


KD-RS3 Slide Stainer


  • With its small footprint, this mini compact device can be placed near the sectioning area for optimal workflow

  • With its intuitive touch screen interface and convenient human-machine communication, operation is easy-to-learn and simple-to-use

  • Integrated touch screen with intuitive high-intelligence control system offers a full set of functions, reliable performance, and simple operation 

  • The APS-coated, streamline-designed, easy-to-clean sturdy housing with high resistance to corrosion

  • 24 slides can be stained simultaneously with prompt staining process

  • The slide rack can be optionally stopped either above or submerged in cup based on user’s selection after the staining process ends, with beeping to alert the user

  • Enabling this device to be an ideal choice for H&E staining

  • Low noise, wear-resistant flexible transmission system using imported high-quality materials and elements to ensure stable operation and reliable performance

  • Intelligent automatic water influx/efflux/drainage system ensures sufficient washing performance at each step and improves water efficiency

  • 25 sets of staining protocols can be programmed and stored in the system with each protocol containing 30 editable steps for staining

  • Operation error alert

KD-RS Automatic Slide Stainer                                                                 Price: $8,600



Tissue Slide Stainer is essential in doing the pathological research, this instrument is designed for saving the fussy process of manual tissue staining.


  • High-definition & sensitive of touch LCD

  • Unique design for staining process

  • Flexible transmission, noiseless.

  • Intellectualized infall, outfall & drainage system.

  • Special staining shelf loading with decades of specimen slides

  • Streaming water cleaning & tissue roasting function.

Technical specifications:

  • Reagent containers: 12.

  • One cleaning bath (the 9th one).

  • One roasting bath (the 1st one).

  • Processing time of each container: 1 s – 59 min and 59 s.

  • Capacity of containers: 1L, specimen process: 40 slides. (2L, specimen process: 80 slides, optional).

  • Working voltage: 110/220 VAC, frequency: 50/60Hz, Power: 1000 W.

  • Overall dimensions: 1130 x 460 x 400 mm (LxWxD), weight: 85 kg.

KD-RS2 Automatic Slide Stainer                                                            Price: $9,600


■ High-definition & sensitive of touch LCD, effective, convenient
■ Broad screen touch LCD with man-machine dialogue inerface, prompt identifying can be made in abnormal situation to make sure each operation can be indicated(online help), synchronous animation show the  present working process clearly
■ Randomly setting start-up time and automatically showing finish time, make sure task is finished in stipulated time
■ There is four sets program and can check online
■ Intellectualized infall, outfall & drainage system make sure the water is clean for every step
■ 36 immersion steps can be set, mistakbe alarm function
■ Enviroment-friendly inner circulating air cleaning system, exaust harmful gas
■ 18 stations, the 10th station is cleaning, the first station is roasting station
■ 0-30s adjustable shaking, leachate time reduce the reagent mix chance thus prolong reagent use time and make the working surface clear
Technical specifications:
■ Total stations: 18(cleaning bath ,the 10th, roasting bath, the 1st )
■ Capacity of stations: 100x180x40mm
■ Specimen process: 52 pc
■ Processing time of each stations : 0s  59 min and 59 s
■ leachate time on tank shafting: 0-30S adjustable ( shaking above the station)
■Working voltage: AC220V/50Hz,AC110V/60Hz                              
■ Power Draw: 500VA
■ Overall dimensions: 1170 x 450 x 4070 mm (L x W x D)
■ Weight: 88kg


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