TruBondTM Microscope Slides


IHC WORLD is now introducing a new standard adhesive slide, TruBondTM Microscope Slides, a hydrophilic adhesive slide with proven performance under high temperature and high pH conditions. Our extensive testing have shown the TruBond Slides outperformed many commonly used positive charged and adhesive slides. It is especially useful in preventing sections from falling off slides when performing high temperature antigen retrieval or enzyme digestion, and it is ideal for use in immunostaining of paraffin and frozen sections where requires stronger adhesion. We also strongly recommend using our TruBond slides for protect your valuable tissue microarray sections.


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TruBondTM 380 Adhesive Microscope Slides

Catalog# IW-T380
price: $49 for box of 100pcs
          $398 for case of 1,000pcs


  • Glass Type: High Clarity, Low Fluorescence White
  • Surface Wettability: Hydrophilic
  • Adhesion: Very Strong
  • Edge Treatment: Ground Corner
  • Recommended Use: Manual & Automated IHC, ICC, IF. HIER and enzyme digestion processes when tissue type requires extra strong adhesion. Epitope enhancement and DNA probe procedures. Autopsy, brain sections and tissue microarray sections.
  • Size: 75 x 25 mm, 1 mm thick
  • Available Colors: White, Blue, Green & Yellow

How to Order

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