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Annexin I, also knows as lipocortin I (Lipo1), belongs to the family of annexins. These proteins are thought to control the biosynthesis of the potent mediators of inflammation, prostaglandins and leukotrienes. In two lipocortins (I and II) a short amino-terminal sequence distinct from the core structure has potential regulatory functions which are  dependent on its phosphorylation state. The gene in the mouse encodes a protein of 346 amino acid residues. Mouse Lipo1 gene spans about 17 kb and is divided into 13 exons. Annexin I gene, mapped to 9q11-q22, is located on mouse chromosome 19. Annexin I acts through the formyl peptide receptor on human neutrophils. Peptides derived from the unique N-terminal domain of annexin I serve as FPR ligands and trigger different signaling pathways in a dose-dependent manner.


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9 ml















A synthetic peptide corresponding to a sequence near the C-terminal of human Annexin I, different from the related rat and mouse sequence by two amino acids.




Immunogen affinity purified






Species Reactivity


Human, mouse, rat. Not tested in other species.

Positive Control


Liver, skin, cardiac muscle


Cellular Localization


Membrane, cytoplasmic or nuclear




Ready to use solution. No further dilution needed. Serum blocking step should be omitted.




Store at 2-8 °C. Do not freeze.




IHC-P: Heat induced epitope retrieval  (HIER) is required on formalin fixed paraffin sections. IHC-Tek Epitope Retrieval Solution (IW-1100) is recommended.

IHC-Fr: Not tested.

ICC: Suitable




This product is intended for Research Use Only. Interpretation of the test results is solely the responsibility of the user.




Users should follow general laboratory precautions when handling this product. Wear personal protective equipment to avoid contact with skin and eyes.




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Formalin fixed paraffin embedded human skin stained with Annexin I antibody showing cytoplasmic staining pattern.


Formalin fixed paraffin embedded mouse skin stained with Annexin I antibody showing nuclear staining pattern. 

Immunohistochemical analysis of formalin fixed paraffin-embedded rat cardiac muscle tissue section using Annexin I antibody.



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