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Klear Human HRP Polymer Detection System

are designed for

Human Primary Antibody on Human or Primate Tissue


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Preclinical testing for therapy application of human or humanized antibodies includes studies such as antibody dose toxicity, hemolysis, functional lost of antibody by activation of the complement system, and an immunohistochemical cross-reactivity screen of multiple tissues.  At present, greater than 99% of antibodies to human proteins are made in animal species.  However, the use of animal antibody can lead to an anti-globulin response and hypersensitivity reactions. Researchers are hoping to minimize this antigenic response by developing tumor specific human host primary antibodies. Although many improvements have been made in several areas of preclinical testing, rapid immunohistochemical (IHC) screening of large sample sets have been slowed by background issues generated when screening human or humanized primary antibodies on human tissues. To improve the immunohistochemical screening process of human or humanized primary antibodies on small or large scale human tissue sets, we have developed a polymer based ready to use Klear™ Human kit. The Klear™ Human kit has an overnight priming step with the human/humanized primary antibody, followed by traditional polymer IHC-HRP/DAB application steps. We use polymer based Klear™ Human kit with primary human anti-human cytokeratin 18/19 on 9 human colon cancer and 12 human breast cancer cases to show specificity of staining. In addition, we evaluated 20 different human tissues with no primary human antibody and found this detection system produces no background.

Klear™ Human kit provides researchers with a tool to screen multiple human primary antibody clones for their sensitivity and specificity to the targeted human tumor and to assess the potential collateral damage on non targeted human tissues. In addition to Klear™ Human kit GBI already launched Klear™ Rat Kit to detect rat antibody on rat tissue and Klear™ Mouse Kit to detect mouse antibody on mouse tissue.  Klear™ Rabbit Kit to detect rabbit antibody on rabbit tissue is coming soon.


  • Specially designed to detect Human IgG antibody on Human tissue with clean background.
  • This polymer detection system is adsorbed to human serum protein to obtain superior  specificity and sensitivity.
  • As always GBI polymer kits are biotin free saving additional blocking step.

Simple Quick Protocol

  1.  Primer and human primary antibody are incubated overnight at 4 C.
  2.  Human 1’Ab mixture is incubated on tissue (30 minutes to 2 hours)
  3. 10 minutes incubation for anti-Human polymer-HRP conjugate.
  4.  5 to 20 minute chromogen incubation. Select chromogen Kits: DAB, DAB-Ni, AEC, AP-Red+, Fast-Red, BCIP/NBT, AP-Blue.

D103-18 Klear Human HRP-Polymer DAB Kit DAB 18ml
D103-6 Klear Human HRP-Polymer DAB Kit DAB 6ml
D104-18 Klear Human HRP-Polymer AEC Kit DAB 18ml
D104-6 Klear Human HRP-Polymer AEC Kit DAB 6ml
D105-18 Klear Human HRP-Polymer AP with Fast Red Kit DAB 18ml
D105-6 Klear Human HRP-Polymer AP with Fast Red Kit DAB 6ml
D106-18 Klear Human HRP-Polymer AP with AP-Red Kit DAB 18ml
D106-6 Klear Human HRP-Polymer AP with AP-Red Kit DAB 6ml



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