ABC of Safety in the Biological Sciences



Contains: Epon type 828 resin ­ approximately 74% Cresyl glycidyl ether ­ approximately 26%

None known.
Amber, viscous liquid.
Incompatible with strong oxidising agents, mineral acids bases and amines. Heating produces highly toxic fumes of carbon, aldehydes and ketones.
There is insufficient data available on the toxic effects of this product. It is an eye, skin and respiratory tract irritant and prolonged exposure may cause dermatitis or sensitisation. The vapour is also an irritant to eyes and respiratory tract.
Avoid skin and eye contact.
Avoid inhalation of the vapour.
Avoid ingestion.
Keep away from heat.
Keep away from oxidising materials.
Wash hands thoroughly after handling.
Use a fume hood to minimise exposure to this substance. Wear protective clothing. A long sleeved laboratory coat or gown, rubber gloves, safety goggles and a face mask as a minimum standard.
Skin ­ immediately remove contaminated clothing and wash the affected area with soap or mild detergent and large amounts of water until all evidence of the chemical has been removed (approximately 15 minutes). If irritation persists seek medical attention. Dermatitis will require medical treatment. Wash contaminated clothing before re­use.
Eyes ­ immediately wash the affected eye with large amounts of water until all evidence of the chemical has been removed (approximately 15 minutes). If irritation or pain persist seek medical attention.
Inhalation ­ remove from the area of exposure to fresh air. If breathing has ceased apply artificial respiration. Keep warm and allow to rest. If irritation persists or develops seek medical attention.
Ingestion ­ wash out the mouth thoroughly with water and give water to drink. Do not induce vomiting. Seek immediate medical attention.
Store in a cool, dry atmosphere away from heat and incompatible substances. DISPOSAL
Dispose of by controlled high temperature incineration or in a government approved landfill site.


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