ABC of Safety in the Biological Sciences



ILFORD - ILFOSPEED 2000TL Paper Developer

Hydroquinone, 1 to 5%
Potassium Carbonate, 1 to 5 %
Sodium Bromide, 0.1 to 1%
Sodium Metaborate, 1 to 5%
Keep away from eyes and skin.
Avoid inhalation and ingestion.
Keep away from heat or naked flames.
Colourless and odourless liquid.
All developing solutions are hazardous to health. They are strong skin and eye irritants. Ingestion can cause nausea and vomiting.
Skin - Immediately wash the affected area with soap or mild detergent and large amounts of water until all evidence of the chemical has been removed (approximately 15 minutes). If irritation persists or dermatitis develops seek medical advice. Remove contaminated clothing and shoes and decontaminate before re-use.
Eyes - Immediately wash the affected eye with large amounts of water until all evidence of the chemical has been removed (approximately 15 minutes). If irritation or pain persists seek immediate medical attention.
Inhalation - Remove from the area of exposure to fresh air. Keep warm and allow to rest. If signs of toxicity or distress develop seek medical advice.
Ingestion - Never give anything by mouth if the victim is losing consciousness, is unconscious or convulsing. Rinse the mouth thoroughly with water. Give milk to drink, DO NOT induce vomiting. Seek immediate medical attention.
None known. No polymerisation hazard.
Store in a cool, dry atmosphere away from heat.
Wear protective clothing. A long sleeved laboratory coat or gown with elasticised wrist bands, rubber gloves and safety goggles as a minimum standard.
The best way to dispose of photographic waste is to collect it into large waste containers for collection by Waste Disposal Contractors. Sewerage Authorities do allow the discharge of this substance to sewer providing that the concentrations of effluent are within certain pre-existing parameters. To satisfy Sewerage Authority requirements it may be necessary to calculate maximum discharge concentrations (at any one time) and/or average discharge concentrations (over a period of time). Check the requirements with your local Authority.
At working strength the effluent discharge of the components considered hazardous to the sewerage system in Ilfospeed 2000TL developer is:
Sulphates 1,000 mg/L
Sulphite (as S) 6,800 mg/L
Boron (as B) 1,000 mg/L
BOD5 10 gm/L
COD 12.2 gm /L
pH 10.3
No data available.


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