ABC of Safety in the Biological Sciences




All cold rooms and laboratories should have:

  • Ground level exhaust (removal of flammable gases)
  • Push alarms in case of accident.
  • Waterproof power outlets.
  • Waterproof lighting.
  • Outward opening doors with large handles.
  • Continuous flooring.
  • External sign indicating worker inside.
  • Telephone or intercom contact with outside.
  • Any external locks must not interfere with egress.
  • Non-rusting material should be used for internal structural components.
  • Safety alarms for temperature drops

All staff using these rooms should ensure that they wear adequate clothing to protect themselves from the cold environment. Laboratory coats should be worn over these clothes.

Ensure that someone knows when there are workers in these rooms.

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Guidelines for Laboratory Design: Health and Safety Considerations.
J. Wiley and Sons Inc.



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