ABC of Safety in the Biological Sciences




Every individual is able to cope differently with work and the stresses produced in their working environment. It is important to learn what your own limitations are and you should endeavour to confine yourself to those limitations. Overwork produces fatigue which in turn means poor concentration which can produce errors and life threatening situations for patients. If you cannot avoid overwork and stress, and many scientists in biological sciences laboratories are in stressful situations, there are ways to reduce the fatigue caused.

Simple exercises are available to help increase your circulation, muscular relaxation and reduce fatigue. Some examples are given here but the list is by no means complete. For exercise routines designed for your workplace you should consult your occupational health unit. If you do not have an occupational health unit it is worthwhile employing the services of an ergonomic consultant. Exercises which have been designed to reduce fatigue and stress can be found in the following FIGURE.

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Sit on It
University of Adelaide Printing Section, Adelaide, South Australia.


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