ABC of Safety in the Biological Sciences




All saw blades, including power and band saws, used for specimen dissection or at autopsy, must be kept clean and sharp at all times.86 After use dissection saws (coping saws) should be disassembled and disinfected. Blades can be cleaned with a nail brush, then the saw reassembled.

Power and band saws tend to produce aerosols during use, and therefore a face shield and mask along with other suitable protective clothing should be worn. After use, disconnect the power saw from power source, dismantle, disinfect and clean. Two persons should always be in attendance when using these types of equipment.86 Band saws are best isolated from the main laboratory.

All small cuts must be washed in cold running tap water for a minimum of 15 minutes followed by the application of an antiseptic and dressing. Large cuts must be treated to stem bleeding and medical advice sought immediately.91


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