ABC of Safety in the Biological Sciences



Hot, sharp­edged, jagged, splintery, etc.
Worn, frayed, cracked, broken, insecure, corroded or eroded.
Unserviceable equipment.
Signs of malfunction ­ excessive heat, noise, vibration, fumes, sparking, etc.
Leakages of gases, fumes or liquids.
Erratic unpredictable performance.
Lack of adequate earthing.
Low voltage leaks.
Susceptibility to breakage or collapse to tipping over or falling to rolling, sliding or slipping.
Missing or faulty safety device.
Missing or faulty automatic control device.
Missing or faulty warning or signalling device.
Lack of adequate support or bracing.
Inadequate protection devices.
Protruding or hazardous attachments.

Table 5: Checklist 3



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