ABC of Safety in the Biological Sciences





Acid fuchsin Potential carcinogen
Aniline blue Bladder carcinogen
Auramine O Bladder carcinogen and mutagen
Aurantia Very toxic and an irritant
Basic fuchsin Potential carcinogen
Brilliant green Irritant and toxic
Chloronaphthol Toxic
Congo red Highly toxic, mutagen and irritant
Crystal violet Potential carcinogen, irritant and toxic
Eosin Potential carcinogen
Erythrosin B Highly toxic
Fast green Animal carcinogen
Fast red TR Potential carcinogen
Gentian violet Irritant and toxic
Giemsa Potential carcinogen
Gold chloride Highly toxic
Haematoxylin Potential carcinogen
Indigo carmine Mutagen
Leishman Potential carcinogen
Malachite green Systemic poison
Methylene blue Highly toxic
Methyl violet Potential carcinogen, irritant and toxic
Nigrosine Potential carcinogen
Orange G Mutagen
Pararosaniline Potential carcinogen
Phloxine Highly toxic
Ponceau Carcinogen
Rubeanic acid Irritant and toxic
Sudan III Mutagen and animal carcinogen
Sudan IV Carcinogen
Thionin Toxic
Toluidine blue Highly toxic and mutagen
Trypan blue Potential carcinogen
Uranyl nitrate Radioactive and oxidising agent

Table 6: - Hazardous dyes



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